It’s about always having a consistent sense of self and connection to your creative curiosity and spirit. I feel the same flavor of excitement that I feel when I get a new script for a movie I’m gonna do as when I fill my house with plants.
— Jenny Slate, actress, interview, Vanity Fair

I fell a little in love and awe when I read that quote because it speaks to living consciously through the dignity of one's creative spark. Creativity isn't just about making a vocation artistically. Creativity is a way of being, a soulful way that pays attention to and serves gratifications of beauty and the personal inner longings that give rise to exploration and expression. How creativity moves through and inspires each of us is equally noble. Listening to it is what matters most. 

Creativity : Coaching and Support

Creativity coaching is a sacred relationship geared towards helping individual artists, creative ensembles, and anyone interested in connecting to personal creativity. I offer coaching and support through private sessions.  My approach mixes reflection with action and may be a short-term or long-term source of exploration, encouragement, anchoring, safety, witnessing, and insight. For artists and creative ensembles, coaching can help refine and further existing projects or get you out of redundancy or a rut. For some, the coaching flow might be arranged around personal healing. For others, it is a self-lit way to restore the permission that a creative life needs. Whatever focus or form it takes, through the exchange we are seeking to connect the dots in a holistic way: by looking at what's compelling and what's helping creatively, and at what's not, via patterns of personal and social conditioning, as experienced in the environment, body, and patterns of thought.

If you are interested in creativity coaching, or have questions, please use the form on this site to make contact.  If you are ready to begin coaching, let me know that in your message and I'll start the process by sending you 4 questions. I value the time you'll take to consider them and offer free initial consultations out of respect for the sacred space that can open up during an initial consultation. I don't want to monetize that part of the story. That just feels like the right way to begin to me. From there, we put together a custom path of creative support and coaching and agree to a sequence for checking-in given the options available to us (in person, e-mail, Skype). 


Coaching can happen in person or over distance through:

  • Hour-long coaching sessions, in person or via Skype: $75
  • Half-hour, issue focused coaching sessions, in person or via Skype: $38
  • One month of creativity coaching combining weekly e-mail check-ins with bi-weekly hourly sessions (in person or Skype): $135
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A Path With Art: A Series Connecting People to the Power of Art! 

Through a mixture of embodied wisdom, mysticism, art history, creative intuition, and plain-old, real one-on-one sharing about what it is and takes to be human, A Path With Art acknowledges the powerful connections that exist, and always have, between art and human life. Your life. This really unique option is geared towards honest seekers and those naturally yearning for the triumph of beauty and depth. On A Path With Artwe'll honor our ancestors, use art to generate and feel more mercy and sensitivity, connect to Nature's energetics, engage with the inner and outer light of color, and we'll learn to love the human form while exploring beyond it. Over the 8-week paced Series, you'll receive custom aesthetics-based modules with built-in check-in's and sharing sessions to help integrate experiences and discoveries. A Path With Art is aimed at really drawing upon and appreciating art's eternal power through the legacies of artists such as Frida Kahlo, Betty Goodwin, Wolf Kahn, Henri Matisse, Michelangelo and The Ocean, among others, whose enduring art can help us navigate through our own challenges, blocks, mis-beliefs and pain bodies. 

Cost: $150 with more details sent upon registration using the button below. Feel free to use the contact form on this site if you have any questions about A Path With Art.

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