Almost all of us can relate to what a gift it is to be in the presence of truthful expressions, works of art of any kind that move us to the core and speak to us through color, words, sounds, gestures, and feelings, any combinations thereof. Truth is, I believe we are those works of art. Truth is, I think we need witnessing to realize our true beauty, the aesthetics of our real selves. There are some things and knowings that only we can witness and comprehend from within ourselves. And then there are some parts of ourselves that only come into the full sunshine when witnessed by the safety, depth, wisdom and love of others.

A sacred color the world over, turquoise facilitates heartfelt creativity and communication. For a long, long time, I have wanted to witness people who feel like they have nobody in an artful way that brings out the best of our shared humanity. I thank Heaven for the few safe, profound real souls who truly witness me. They encourage and steer me into always leading a soul-led life that reflects my gifts and heart. Their beauty, combined with mine, is the best of what I have to offer through Once Upon A Tree. I’ve been told my way of expressing myself reaches others deeply and simply, and as a sensitive, it’s easy for me to find words to write that honor a person’s unique, individual experience and reunite them with their true beauty. Our world is one that applauds and favors speed and brevity and yet one in which we also crave depth and meaning…because we need depth and meaning.

Turquoise Words lets the truth of life flow through a creative, quiet way of witnessing. I use writing to witness others where they are, especially through times of personal growth, challenge and transformation when it’s easy to feel misunderstood and alone. It is deceptively simple.


Here’s how it works:

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    Half-hour, issue focused coaching sessions, in person or via Skype: $38

  • One month of creativity coaching combining weekly e-mail check-ins with bi-weekly hourly sessions (in person or Skype): $135

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