The art shared here, from my personal journals and artistic studies, gives outer form to my inner life. Some of the images are light in heart and some express the heavier contents of my soul/karma/self. I hope their honesty touches upon the shared emotional ground of being human and inspires courage, selfacceptance (I like that as one word) and creative liberation for others, by way of example. I'm living proof that a sincere, creative path can infuse a life with shape, beauty, depth, courage and purpose...even if and when you feel small, too afraid, ashamed, unworthy or unclear about who you are, as I have. No feeling is final, just keep going, wrote the poet, Rilke, and authentic living and expressions thereof - of fear, shame, shock, joy, delight, longing, reverence, grief, gratitude, wonder, anger, pain, hope and more - reunite us with our own sacred ground and that of Life's. The beauty of a creative, artistic path, to me, is that it's open to anyone, and is inherently strong and supple enough to safely hold anything that comes to consciousness. Through it, I explore life's big questions and little appreciations, and the tapestry of my personal soul; it is a way to meet the void, move karma, connect with Nature and the collective, consciously engage with joy, choice, and chaos, give to others, develop growing-into-unconditional trust, and it can release trauma, stress and fear. Creating engages, inspires, and challenges me in good, deep ways. With a little practice, courage and willingness to surrender to the guiding wisdom of your creative instincts, you'd be surprised at the ease, satisfaction, honesty, mercy and relief it can bring -- that's how willing art is to witness and further dignify our souls. Art connects so honestly to the whole human condition like nothing else I know. Which makes it a really perfect, natural way back to our primal beauty.

I'd honestly like to believe that most of us felt an indwelling, sustaining, creative presence at some point when we were children, even though one of life's oddest oddities is that most of us spent our childhoods feeling confused about our our own soul's reality and place within environments that presented and passed off so much that wasn't soul as real. Creating is as personal as it gets, and sure can be what a friend once called "scary good," but experiencing some temporary hesitation and unease is better than living trapped within wrongful clouds of chronic suffering and the fear, anxiety and shame that we just won't do it "right." I offer private sessions in person or via distance for others interested in exploring integration in a safe, creative, deep and artful way. Together, we look into: where your path and heart is, what's important to you, what's calling, and what forms of expression and reflection can best serve the present needs of your journey. You will also be connected to relevant legacies of artists, well and lesser known, to hold, ground, affirm, and witness your unfolding and move you through. Please contact me through this site to initiate an exchange before we have a session (half hour, hour, in person or via Skype). Tell me about yourself and what brings you here. Please know, I am the only one who sees and reads these emails and I guard and guarantee your privacy. The price for a one-hour session is $75 US and $45 US for a half-hour, to be pre-paid on PayPal.  Just click the button below.

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