Once Upon A Tree, Everyone's Creativity Mattered. That's how I felt, so clearly and deeply, as I painted the tree that appears here on my site. I hold and feel the truth of that very, very naturally and know my purpose is to explore heartfelt creativity and awakening through my own artistry, and to help and inspire others to find more creative personal fulfillment. The first time I experienced art's power to put it all in perspective was when I was a young adolescent growing up in Nebraska. Something clicked deep inside of me when I saw a book of ancient Chinese pictographs. Through these beautiful, ancient artforms, I intuited an interconnected cosmology that extended well-beyond, but, also included me. I sensed an encompassing harmony. Today, I understand that experience was a reminder of what I believe is our real, original state. Art's power of illumination is one of the things I love and cherish most about being alive. Creativity looks different for each of us and molds our clay in honorable ways; sometimes the impact is personal and sometimes it benefits others. As we keep moving from bud to blossom on the tree of life, through these challenging yet luminous times, my creativity feels so naturally hand-in-hand with yours, and art is a way for us to keep unfolding and evolving. l relate profoundly to that, and to the courage and longing for soul-in-tact-ness that goes into artistic endeavor and creative living. I started oil painting in my early 30's in response to a stressful job, when doing something expressive, beautiful, and unbounded was an energetic necessity. Michele Cassou’s book, Life, Paint and Passion, opened me to the potentials and depths of self-guided creativity. Since, I have formally pursued my ongoing love of color and as a self-taught artist, made and shared art in some way, shape, or form, for myself and exhibit. It's brought so much that's healing in thought, body, and feeling, and by sharing creativity, I seek to humanize the path a bit more and open doors of permission for others because Once Upon A Tree, Everyone's Creativity Mattered.