Inspired by Michelle Cassou’s reverent approach to self-guided creativity and painting, I turned to oil painting in response to a stressful job twenty years ago. Since, I have explored various modalities of mixed media painting, as well as the energy of color in-depth through various healing and theoretical modalities, including Aura-Soma and Conscious Colors. I have a solid relationship with Silence and Nature. A deep love of writing and emotional expression. Like many creatives, I don’t just have one area of focus. I write, paint, and have practiced Authentic Movement for over 8 years. Having left a university job in 2017, I earn a living now by working with human service, educational and community-arts programs interested in creative placemaking and human betterment.

What I offer through Once Upon A Tree stems from my creative commitment to exploring my humanity and the healing aspects of creativity’s inseparability from the scope of human experience. I care about how others feel seen or not seen as we walk along on this earth. I understand how heartfelt aesthetics bring healing to the thoughts in my mind, the profundity of my body, and the emotionality and feelings residing in my heart. How they define my home and add to the comfort and safety of others. I really don’t want to speak of awakening through artificial, lifeless concepts or impersonal dogma supported by centuries of conditioning. I am very sensitive to the marketing of spirituality, and find a lot of it abhorrent to our natural integrity. As you’ll see from the creative offerings on this site, I prefer to meet others in quietude, harmlessness, and spaces of authenticity, creativity and with a true regard for the simple, lasting innovations that can happen through words, colors, gestures, and feelings and empathy.